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Episode 33 – Natasha Donn

Natasha is an engaging and delightful character, brimming with personality and juicy tidbits of life in the Algarve. She is a career journalist, reporting on all the fascinating stories in the Algarve. Let me tell you, there really are some miraculously scandalous stories about! Listen to her engaging tale:

Show notes

  • On journalism in the modern day.
  • Natasha always wanted to be a journalist, ever since the age of 9.
  • Living in a whorehouse in Portsmouth at college.
  • The Surrey and South London News Group: “The Balham and Tooting News“.
  • “Journalism is writing what someone doesn’t want to see in print, everything else is just PR”.
  • On being threatened with defamation and staying out of jail!
  • A part time job filing in the basement of a multi-millionaire turned into being his personal assistant around the world for a few years.
  • Natasha fell pregnant and moved over with the father of her child to Portugal.
  • “Picked up Portuguese in 5 minutes” and absolutely loved it whilst in Praia da Luz.
  • She started writing for Discover Lagos in 1990 and has been writing ever since.
  • Scratching under the surface of the Algarve and there are some pretty gritty stories to uncover:
  • Natasha mentions stories about bullfighting.
  • We talk about PAN, the Portuguese political party.
  • Paul Rees’ Algarve Daily News.
  • Natasha’s recommendations:
  • Natasha currently writes for the Portugal Resident, look for her name on the bottom of each article. Here’s a good one about a person falling into a sculpture!

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