The startling truth I stumbled upon over the last three years

trans algarve SUP expedition

This podcast is slightly different from my regular show where I interview people and chip away at their stories of the Algarve. Today, I speak about my experiences as I changed my career (call it a mid life crisis if you will) and stumbled across the harsh reality of the changes our beautiful planet is reeling from. Have a listen, it’s only a quarter of an hour…

Show notes


  1. Happy Birthday Nick. I love listening to your podcasts and discovering even more about my home for the last 32 years. I think this fundraiser is excelent and i hope it inspires others like you’ve inspired me. My donation is small, but i feel empowered and obliged not to just donate but to change, so my biggest contribution is going to be cutting on plastics, even more. It’s the only way. Thanks again. Keep sharing. All tehbest Jxx

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