Olhão outlaws and the Algarve Daily News

Paul Rees Algarve Daily News
Paul Rees from the Algarve Daily News

Episode 10 / Paul Rees, Editor of the Algarve Daily News

Paul Rees owns and runs the Algarve Daily News, a digital news outlet that comprehensively covers issues of regional interest in the Algarve. His entertaining weekly email newsletter is read by thousands and keeps one abreast of many of the scandals and sometimes wildly outrageous issues of the day. We chose to chat about his home city of Olhão.

Show notes

All show notes from the Algarve Addicts podcast follow sequential order. Let me know if you’d like time-stamps in here too?

  • Armação de Pêra in the 80’s and the first cars.
  • Algoz in 2003.
  • “What a life!” the memoir of Donald Frank Rees.
  • Moving to Olhão: “fishing, prostitution and drug use”.
  • A city without a beach, similar to Faro.
  • Olhão, a breakaway town from Faro, a settlement of outlaws and an overriding sense of independence.
  • The Olhanense repelled the French invaders from Olhão (and as a result from the Algarve) in 1808 and sailed across the Atlantic in the Bom Sucesso to notify the Portuguese King who was in exile in Brazil at the time.
  • The current modernisation of Olhão, removing building and constructing a large viewing tower. The argument is to clean up the city centre not rebuild and modernise it and retain it’s historical charm and authenticity. The battle against the town council has been won (for now).
  • Mannã, ice warehouse and salt factory in the Olhão marina and industrial area.
  • Sewerage and pollution in Olhão … “a steady flow of brown stuff”.
  • The Algarve Daily News – your Editor. An initial investor and the “Get Real” magazine.
  • Chris and Sue Englefield from http://algarvewebsitedesign.com/
  • 7,000 readers of the Algarve Daily News weekly newsletter: forthright, not contentious 🙂
  • Upset politicians and irritated associations
  • Check out the nine ongoing cases: Algarve Oil, Autodrome, Freeport, Madeleine McCann, Olhão, Ria Formosa, Salgados, Socrates, Submarine case on the Algarve Daily News.
  • Quinta da Ombria, now known as the Ombria Resort.
  • Walking in the Algarve: Via Algarviana, Rota Vicentina, Casas Brancas (white houses) on the west coast.

Photos and videos from Olhão

An aerial view of the Saturday morning Olhão market. Notice the caique or boat “Bom Sucesso” moored on the pontoon between the two red rooves.

Below is a classic fish product from Mannã, produced in Olhão and consumed around the Algarve.


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