A craft brewery in the Algarve – the story of Algarve Rock Brewery

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Algarve Rock Brewery

Their website reads. “Algarve Rock was started by two guys that are passionate about drinking real beer. Somebody had to do something about the lack of quality craft beers available in the Algarve; why not us? That’s why we created Algarve Rock. We’re here to put Portuguese craft beer on the map.” They certainly have! I interviewed Neil from Algarve Rock Brewery. Have a listen!

Show notes

  • How Algarve Rock started. After 10 years of holidaying in the Algarve, Neil and his father in law took the leap.
  • Neil grew up near Sheffield and his father in law introduced them to the Algarve through his holiday home for the past 9 years in Quinta do Lago.
  • How Neil got into business and the first thoughts of a brewery whilst sitting at the Cheeky Pup in Quinta do Lago.
  • Investment through the Portugal 2020 scheme.
  • How Neil and his wife enjoyed the Algarve on arrival. We talk about the nightlife in Faro.
  • Where can you try Algarve Rock Beer? Get in touch through their website at www.algarverockbrewery.com
  • Beer festivals were a great start for the brand
    • The first one they attended was in Lisbon.
    • Minho Beer Fest
    • Alameda Beer Fest in Faro
    • Silves Beer Fest
  • How Neil got the idea for his seasonal beer, the Piri Piri Pilsner (see Instagram image below).
  • Some of the challenges in setting up the business.
  • We go through each of their zero chemical beers (all between 4 and 5% alcohol by volume):
    1. STEADY Pale Ale
    2. SOLID Red Ale
    4. STOUT Porter Portuguesa
    5. SHARP Pilsner

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