How to never get lost while hiking in the ALGARVE


Hiking and walking in the Algarve

Hiking and walking in the Algarve can be tricky. Going on a hike for the first time in a strange place is unsettling and it’s best to make sure of exactly where you are going first. I take you for a hike around a lovely little circuit called “Amendoeira” (which means almond tree in English) near São Brás de Alportel in the Algarve, Portugal.

medronho berries algarve
Medronho berries on the Amendoeira trail, Algarve

Three tips to find your way

Just before I launch into my Algarve walk, I dish out three great tips on how to ensure you never get lost, take a wrong turning or end up in an unknown area. I did this on a previous hike and it was fine, fun and exciting but sometimes it’s better to be more prepared on an Algarve hike. Relax and enjoy your hiking in the Algarve!

Algarve Trail Markings

I also show you how the Algarve trail markings work. It’s a simple system but good to know and to look out for on your trails.

Are these markings the same all the way across Europe?

Let me know in the comments if you know the answer!

algarve trail markings

Algarve Addicts is the first English language podcast about the Algarve and produced in the Algarve. My name is Nick and I also create videos to try and show you what life is like living in the Algarve. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments.

The Amendoeira Trail

This map is courtesy of the fantastic Walk Algarve website which I have added to my list of useful sites that can help you to enjoy a better experience on the Algarve trails.

If you’d like to hike this trail, or any of the other trails on the Walk Algarve web site, I’d suggest:

  1. Clicking the link below it, which will take you to a Google Map.
  2. Download the KML file (or sometimes a GPX file) by clicking the three dots and opening up the menu where it says “Download KML” at the bottom (this may change in the future if you know Google!).
  3. Upload the KML file (or GPX file if you have it) to Wikiloc, by logging into your account and finding the “Upload Trails” link at the top of the page.

I thoroughly enjoy exploring the Algarve by foot, do you? What would be the perfect way for you to explore the Algarve?


  1. Trail markings in Portugal are similar (but not the same) to the french ones, but at the beginning of each trail or online you’ll find an explanation about the markings so don’t worry about that. Just keep in mind: red/yellow for PR (short trails), red/white for GR (long distance).

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