Stand up paddle 160kms across the Algarve

Trans Algarve SUP expedition

Episode 2 / Trans Algarve Podcast

Show notes: Mauro Engler

Mauro Engler formed part of a three man expedition to be the first people to ever stand up paddle all the way across the Algarve. Mauro and Nick run Algarve SUP (a stand up paddling touring and adventure company) based in Faro and Armação de Pera. He has a degree in sports science from the University of Algarve.

Back in November 2015 Mauro, myself (Nick Robinson) and Spike Reid set off from Sagres in the south west and took 6 nights to stand up paddle across the Algarve. To our knowledge it had never been done before. Find out how we felt and what transpired as we endured this near week long journey.

Huge thanks to Mauro for spending the time on this interview. You can get in touch with him through Algarve SUP.

Interesting content related to this episode

Trans Algarve SUP map

You can see the route we took and the night stops where we camped.

Albufeira Storm

The night before we were supposed to leave a large storm passed over the Algarve. Here is a news report about it.

YouTube Video Playlist of the SUP adventure

We managed to capture a lot of video from the trip covering almost 1 hour’s worth of content. If you’re interested kick back, relax and follow our journey on YouTube.

Photos from the stand up paddle trip

Follow the trip through photographs we took along the way. As you can see the weather in November isn’t always sun and fun, but it’s warm enough.


    • It really was! We’re planning to do the bits on either side soon as well. This may mean a jaunt down to Cadiz from the Spanish Portuguese border or paddling south from Odeceixe (the Algarve/Alentejo border) to Sagres where we started the Trans Algarve.

      • Have you started planning for Cadiz yet. How many people are going? Have you got anywhere where one can apply to go with you?

        That should be a beautiful trip too. You will have to be careful of the navy boats nearby.. Good luck with it.

        • Yes, we have a plan for Cadiz, although we are waiting for the best time to do it. Could be 2018 or some other time in the future. It’s tough to get 7-10 days off for a paddling expedition.

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