Unfold your maps! Algarve Geography


If you know the Algarve well, stop reading here.

This is meant for people who’d like to get to know the area a little better. Let’s take a 30 000 foot view of the Algarve and slot everything into place like a giant wooden jigsaw puzzle. No longer will you be confused about how far your mates are from your resort, or how long it will take to cruise over for a surf on the west coast.

So unfold your maps (or click open Google Maps), and take a listen to my airliners view of our wonderful piece of paradise.

Algarve Geography show notes

  • The Algarve’s four borders.
  • The Algarve’s three main areas: Litoral, Barrocal, and Serra.
  • The Algarve’s population, both local and expats.
  • The administrative regions of the Algarve: Districts, Concelhos, and Freguesias.
  • Algarvian cities and towns.
  • Natural geographical formations of the Algarve.

This one was quite a bit different from my normal interviews. Did you find it educational?

Algarve Photos

Here are some images I have taken in my travels around the region.


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