Top of the Algarve tourism ladder – Dora Coelho

Dora Coelho Algarve Tourism Association

Dora Coelho

She is the Executive Director of the Algarve Tourism Association and is well placed to share her views on the state of tourism down here in the Algarve. It’s a fun interview and she is really easy to talk with. Thanks Dora and we hope you enjoy it!

Show notes

  • 100% Algarvian, born in Loule and raised in Albufeira.
  • Shopping trips to Ayamonte in Spain.
  • Dreams of Archaeology, History and Architecture all led to a University degree in Lisbon.
  • Her love of the Algarve brought her to a job in tourism as a Duty Manager at a hotel in Albufeira, helping the clients.
  • Albufeira Tourism Board: familiarization trips, roadshows, workshops and promotion which she realized she really loved.
  • Desiderio Silva (current President of the Algarve Tourism) invited Dora to come over as his chief of staff, writing speeches and controlling his agenda.
  • We discuss the difference between the Regional Tourism Board and the Algarve Tourism Association.
  • The board helps visitors to the Algarve with Information Offices in each city, they manage a calendar of events and promote the Algarve.
  • The Association on the other hand, works with airlines to ensure a constant availability of flights for people wishing to travel to the Algarve, organize press trips, familiarization trips, and segment their operations in to different segments: sun and sea, golf, MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions).
  • Why the light is so good in the Algarve for photography…
  • How the Algarve is benefiting from a surge in tourism and how to retain those travellers.
  • Helping to create businesses in the Algarve.
  • Dora’s suggestions for travellers to the Algarve: Eating Algarve Food Tours
  • Algarve Tourism Association:
  • Visit Algarve:
  • Algarve 365:

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