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That super cool boat, not the small one in the story...

A Faro native or “Farense”

Technically you are only a “farense” if you have been born there. However, Paulo Gonçalves has spent most of his adult life living in and around Faro. We discuss his African roots and simultaneously the path that many Algarvians have followed back from the colonies to the motherland.

Enjoy a few stories of what life is like in Faro and on the Ria Formosa where Paulo works with his company Algarve WOW.

Algarve WOW Podcast

algarve wow podcast
This was our view from the car during the interview.

Show notes

  • Paulo Gonçalves orginally born in Angola and from Mozambique.
  •  The 1974 Carnation Revolution and leaving Mozambique for South Africa.
  • 1978 moved to Vilamoura while it was being created out of little village.
  • Check out these historical photos of Vilamoura (all in Portuguese but the photos don’t need translation!)
  • Faro life and the Ria Formosa.
  • Birds, fish, octopus and otters!
  • A hazardous experience in the dark! Getting caught at sunset.
  • Water sports in Monte Gordo.
  • Setting up Algarve WOW.
  • Oysters and Dolphins.
  • The future of the Faro waterfront.

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