The life of a professional hair designer in Faro


Bradley Querl (really it should be Curl, shouldn’t it?) has practiced hair design (now with his salon called B Hair Design) all his life and is a 3rd generation hair designer. Bradley is the consummate professional and does a fantastic job with anyone’s head, even throwing in a super relaxing head massage into the deal. I checked in with Brad to hear his story and what his take is on life in the Algarve. If you resonate with any of his suggestions, let us know!

Tune in to Bradley’s interview

B Hair Design Show notes

  • We talk about B Hair Design’s location, history and the tough times starting up a business in the middle of Portugal’s dreaded crisis. 2010-2014 was a tough time for everyone here.
  • Bradley’s hair history: Zimbabwe, London and Portugal.
  • Hair Design vs Hair Dresser – the new terminology. In Portugal all hairdressers are generally called “Cabelereiros“. Personal note: I love having my hair cut while I’m travelling, it just feels like an insight to local life somehow. Do you agree?
  • A partnership offer in the Algarve. In Faro to be more precise.
  • We talk about the area where Brad lives near Quarteira and Social Restaurant in particular.
  • Brad’s recommendations: Alte Hotel
  • We digress to Trail running and Mountain biking in the Algarve: the Trail Run
  • Cork: Educating visitors about cork trees!
  • Sagres, the end of the world and her fantastic cliffs, rich history and authentic surf lifestyle.
  • New Sushi Restaurant in Loulé called Artigo 3, highly recommended by both Bradley and another guest of mine, Constantino Jordan.
  • Manzo Steakhouse near Albufeira in Olhos de Água.
  • Starting a business in the Algarve: “a big shock”, a slower pace of life, being late for meetings and how to be conscious of the traditional Portuguese lunchtime.
  • Parties on the beach, here’s a whole selection – No Solo Agua, Thai Beach, Julias, Izzys, Temperus Beach Restaurant
  • Bradley turns the tables on me and quizzes me about the origins of Algarve Addicts! Good one 🙂

Where to find B Hair Design online

B Hair Design
Bradley and his team


  1. TOP! love listening to these and of course getting to know Brad a little better.

    Nick: Podcasts! i can listen and work at teh same time or listen and drive.

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