Stories from Silly Socks: a young fun business in the Algarve

Mismatching socks

Young start ups happen in the Algarve too!

Sam and Lily recently started a company selling odd socks. Yes, odd socks. #oddsocks, #mismatchingsocks and #sockstyle are all a thing. You name it, there’s a thing for it these days. Join us for a chat with these two super cool young entrepreneurs from the Algarve.

B Sily Socks

Show notes

  • Introducing Sam, Lily and Nick 🙂
  • Growing up in Vilamoura, Algarve.
  • Difference between public/government and “international schools”.
  • The Alentejo and in particular Malhadinha Nova Rural Hotel.
  • A crazy business about odd socks.
  • Designing a logo and getting started, simply.
  • Manufacturing the socks and a steep learning curve.
  • The new way of doing business
  • On the train to Porto.
  • Selling online through Shopify on
  • Starting marketing through friends and then… Italy!
  • Hiking in the Algarve: Rocha da Pena / Via Algarviana / São Bras de Alportel area: Fonte Férrea
  • Algarve History 101
  • The “Loulé Market” every Saturday morning.
  • Medieval Fairs: Silves, Salir and Castro Marim and don’t miss the chouriço festival

Silly Sock Photos

Check out these mismatching socks. They’re not just odd socks, they’re cool socks!

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