Rooster Quad Tours – exploring the Algarve’s back roads

rooster quad tours

Exploring the Algarve’s back roads

Sure, you can take the obligatory jeep safari but surely you want to do it yourself? Wouldn’t you love to drive your own vehicle and navigate the back roads potentially like you have never done before? The great thing about Rooster Quad Tours is that you don’t need any prior experience.

As long as you have a driver’s license you blast along the hidden trails, and if you don’t have a licence you can ride pillion on another driver’s quad. George and I went along to sample the experience and we had a blast: navigating through rivers, climbing high mountains and marveling at the views as the sun dropped below the horizon.

There is no better way to tell you how much fun we had than through a video. Sadly George’s incredible drone video didn’t make it into my vlog but you can catch that on the Rooster Quad Tours website when it’s finished.

Rooster Quad Tours vlog

About Rooster Quad Tours

I didn’t manage to get a podcast with Mark and Clare who run the company, but here is some brief info. They relocated from England to the Algarve in 2008 and proceeded to map out all the back roads for their adventures. I think Mark knows the dusty tracks better than most of the locals, running daily tours and even longer trips if you feel the urge to go further afield. Mark is a qualified Quad Bike Instructor with the European ATV Safety Institute so you know you’re in good hands. Check them out on

rooster quad tours


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