How to shoot the BEST sunsets in the Algarve


Did you know you can just Google “sunset” and it normally tells you the time of the sunset wherever you are? I’m pretty sure Siri can do it as well, but it’s pretty important when you’re trying to schedule a quick drone mission or a sunset paddle.

The best spots for an Algarve Sundown

  • Sagres – Cape St Vincent
  • Ponte Piedade – Lagos
  • Carvoeiro boardwalk
  • Praia Falesia (with all those RED cliffs!)

I thought I would get that out of the way and then explain that sunset isn’t necessarily a geographical thing. Naturally it’s great to have the Sagres lighthouse in your sunset photo but there are a host of other factors that play a part in a truly mind blowing sunset experience.


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Sunset clouds

Think about, if the sun is going down and the sky is clear, you’ll get a great glow, but it won’t be a mesmerizing event. Generally in the Algarve we enjoy our best crepuscular shows in the spring and autumn when there is a fair bit of cloud about. Obviously you can’t have too many clouds otherwise there won’t be a sunset at all! It’s a tough science to try and get a sunset shot with lots of cloud, because at the last minute the chances are that your beautiful glowing sun will disappear behind a bank of impenetrable cloud.

Where the sun is going to set

Always bear in mind where the sun is going to set. Look west (!) but it’s not always incredibly clear EXACTLY where the sun will set; especially if you’re new to the Algarve and are on a beach with a massive cliff to the west of you. You’ll have to move about for the best shot.

You can get a great sunset photo from anywhere, just bear in mind these points to make it a superb shot!

sunset Sao Bras de Alportel

Get there early and research your scene before settling in for that inexorable wait as the sun drips down into the ocean. Grab a cold beer (or a Gin and Tonic) and savour the experience!

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