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Carlos from Take Algarve

Carlos runs regular tours around Faro through his company Take Algarve. Listen to his story.

Show notes

  • Carlos tells us the story of the place we are conducting the interview: Café Aliança (officially called Café Alliança Cervejaria) in Faro.
  • Carlos was born in Faro but lived in Spain and Poland and we talk about the differences between Faro now and the Faro of his youth: the University and the airport.
  • The people have changed, they used to play football in the streets and now all the kids are plugged into their electronic devices, which is probably the same the world over. Many of the people in the downtown area are tourists.
  • Free Tours in Faro and the concept of free tours. Take Algarve True Tours. I love this: “Some people call it Algarve. We call it home.”
  • Carlos and his competition started up in the same month, so they are both labelled as “the original Faro Tour”.
  • Breaking down his tour of Faro. From Café Aliança and moving into the old town and the history of Faro. See also our podcast on Algarve History.
  • The railway as a barrier to the Ria Formosa and Faro as a city that has turned it’s back on the sea. In contradiction we talk about plans for a development near the container terminal.
  • We talk about events and the Jardim Manuel Bivar or the Jardim das Docas.
  • Restaurants in Faro: Carlos’ favourites.
  • Cafés in Faro

Take Algarve - Faro Free Tours


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