Algarve Wines: The quickest way to discover them

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Luis and Alexandra

Algarve Wine with Luis Figueira

What is the quickest way to discover Algarve wines? Listen to this 40 minute podcast and you’ll be off! Luis is one of the most prominent wine figures in the region and who better to give us an unbiased view of the region than an owner of a wine shop? Enjoy the conversation (preferably with a glass of Algarve Wine), because everyone loves wine… right?

Show notes

  • Luis Figueira was born in Aveiro, the “venice of Portugal”, 500km north of the Algarve.
  • We discuss the River Vouga, which runs through Aveiro and the Moliceiro boats.
  • His first contact as a child with the Algarve in Alvor in the Barlavento (see my podcast about Algarve Geography). We talked about a restaurant which is called Restaurant Ababuja, right on the Ria Alvor.
  • Luis moved to Faro to study Marine Biology near the Ria Formosa with fish, birds and sea horses.
  • Luis talks about the contrast between the Algarve and Aveiro and the calmness of the ocean.
  • Shifting career from Marine Biology to wine making and oenology and how his love of wine started. Luis went to work in the vineyards in the Alentejo and the Douro regions, afterwards studying wine marketing at university. Upon graduation in 2010 he started “About Wine”. We discuss why.
  • The contentious question! Based on the Freakonomics podcast and Robin Goldstein’s study of 6,000 blind tastings, I ask Luis if he thinks more expensive wines taste better (based on their price not their taste).
  • About Wine offers wine tastings and also more intensive wine courses. Luis lectures in the Hotel School in Faro, but About Wine also attends wine events around the Algarve.
  • The Portuguese Wine Show in Albufeira: Confraria Bacchus.
  • Wine production in the Algarve, from the Romans to the modern wine industry: “It’s a short story, starting with Sir Cliff Richard 15 years ago.” However it is growing rapidly now.
  • A book about the Algarve wine scene entitled “Algarvian Wine Guide” is about to be completed, which is a great step forward.
  • Some wine farms from the Algarve region: Quinta do Frances (Odelouca), Barranco Longo (Silves), Lagoa Co-operative, Joao Clara (Alcantarilha), Quinta do Baraddas (Silves), Cabrita (Silves), Malaca (Armação de Pêra), Quinta da Morgada Torre (Alvor), Quinta de Penina (Alvor), Monte de Casteleja (Lagos), Helwigus (São Bras de Alportel).
  • Negra Mole red grape.
  • Get in touch with Luis through his website at , Facebook page and don’t forget to request to be on his email newsletter and OURS (you can sign up to Algarve Addicts in the sidebar).

A special Algarve wine pack

6 great local wines for just over €40! Luis put this together because I asked him if we could do something for you guys, so don’t let me down, take advantage of this special Algarve Wine Pack. Call Luis on +351 965 006 735 or get in touch through his website and you can quote the “Algarve Addicts Wine Pack” (I’m not making any commission on this, it’s just because I love you guys 🙂 )

algarve wine pack

Some photos from About Wine

Here are a few snaps from my visit to About wine in Faro.

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