Albandeira Beach – the best in the Algarve?


Albandeira Beach has a special place in my heart, maybe because it was the turning point every day for my stand up paddle tours. Maybe because it just is a stunning little gem of a beach with a massive natural rock arch, incredible cracks joining the two sections of beach, a natural jacuzzi and an island?

It’s the perfect spot and is slightly more difficult to get to than the easier Benagil or Marinha beaches, being a little more off the beaten track. If you’re paddling along the coast you will definitely not miss that massive natural rock arch. It will be a sad day when that plunges into the water.


  • Slaves by GOLETS
  • Travellers by Ran the Man (Epidemic Sound)


  1. Well, West Algarve ocean temperature is lower then East Algarve. Because East Algarve is in the bay of Cadiz. The waters of the Mediterranean are stuck at the narrow passage of Gibraltar and will not reach the waters of the West Algarve. The same as the different sea temperature in Durban, compared to the sea temperature in Cape Town. I like your video though. And in the summer there is a wind blowing along the coast southwards. In the winter the wind change northwards. The famous trade winds.

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