The first Algarve Podcast

Algarve Addicts is the first Algarve podcast, in English, designed for you. Whether you are travelling to the Algarve soon, live here or are a regular visitor, Algarve Addicts will be showing you amazing places and things to do in our region, through conversations with the people who know the Algarve.

Welcome to Algarve Addicts!

We’re addicted to the Algarve, are you? You can find out tons about this incredible region of southern Portugal through weekly, authentic conversations with the people who live here.

Get some great tourism information by checking out the lie of the land in Algarve Geography, or listening to the riveting history of the area. Find out how to get from your hotel to the airport and what surf company to pick for your first foray into the foamies of the Atlantic.

Get in touch or leave comments to suggest new interviews and stay tuned for a series of videos coming soon. Soon you’ll be addicted to the Algarve as I am!

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-Nick Robinson

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