How to subscribe to a podcast

Please show me some love and subscribe… just so you don’t miss an episode. There are a few ways to subscribe, probably the most traditional is to submit your email address below. I’ll email you whenever I have launched a glistening new episode of audial goodness!

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Other ways to subscribe

Get on to the app store in your phone or tablet, and grab an app that serves up fresh new podcasts.

Apple iPhone has the Apple Podcasts app, a GORGEOUS piece of design from those chaps over in California. Just install and search for “Algarve Addicts” and find the subscribe button. You can also see our Algarve Addicts page on iTunes.

Android has a whole bunch of options. Try these guys:

Leave a review (please?)

Here is how to leave a review on iTunes (now known as ApplePodcast app)

  • Launch Apple’s Podcast app.
  • Tap the Search tab.
  • Enter the name of the podcast you want to rate or review.
  • Tap the blue Search key at the bottom right.
  • Tap the album art for the podcast.
  • Tap the Reviews tab.
  • Tap Write a Review at the bottom.

Thanks so much. It’s HUGELY appreciated (I’d also love it if you told me if this info is out of date).

Thanks again,

P.S. It’s lonely sitting here in my office working like a trojan on Algarve Addicts. Drop me a line and say hi!


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