Behind the scenes at the Algarve’s greatest live show

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Meet Becky. She dances at the Vilamoura Casino in their regular show, entitled “Timeless E-Motions” this year.  It’s on at all three SolVerde Casinos: Praia da Rocha, Vilamoura and Monte Gordo, so wherever you are in the Algarve you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of this highly entertaining show (and no, they aren’t paying me to say this!).

Show notes

  • Accommodation in Vilamoura and one of the bigger problems in the Algarve: finding long term rentals.
  • Growing up in Yorkshire: rainy, cold but beautiful. Mountaineering at the age of 6, Yorkshire Dales lake district and the French alps. Glaciers and falling down crevasses.
  • Turning 16 and heading off to the Northern Ballet School in Manchester.
  • 8 years spent dancing in shows for Norwegian Cruise Lines and never went to Norway!
  • A friend who danced for Solverde Casinos (who have three casinos here in the Algarve) put her forward for a summer contract here in the Algarve.
  • Living in a foreign language speaking environment.
  • No drama with cast members like the racy 1995 film: Showgirls
  • One hour of work a day with a couple more hours of rehearsal each day. It sounds idyllic but if you look behind what it takes to get there (years of training and experience) and dancing in the face of injuries and sickness…
  • Mishaps in the middle of a show… Breaking props and dancers falling off the stage.
  • Keeping fit with gym, running, yoga and weights and coping with the heat. Free outdoor workout areas in many towns of the Algarve.
  • Stand up paddle boarding in the caves of the Algarve near Armação de Pêra.
  • Becky’s suggestions: Go to Praia Marina on the eastern side of the Marina in front of the Casino Vilamoura and the Tivoli Vilamoura Marina Hotel. Also head to Praia da Falésia on the western side of the Marina (more specifically Praia da Rocha Baixinha Nascente).
  • Here are some Google Map links to her suggestions: Patacas Bar, Oporto Wine Bar, Rosas Cantina Mexican Restaurant (we couldn’t recall the name in the interview), Thai Beach on Sunday afternoons and all other days too.
  • Albufeira, and the difference between Vilamoura.
  • We also mention Lagos, about 75km and an hour’s drive away to the west.
  • Public transport in the Algarve
    • Buses (cheap and quick) but research it before you hop on. We mention
    • Uber is alive and well and legal in Portugal although it has had a rocky ride… Check the availability in quieter periods and more remote locations though.
  • Follow Becky on Instagram!

Check out the life of a dancer! Don’t be fooled, a lot of seriously hard work goes into those shows too.


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